Montag, 1. Dezember 2008

Lost in fetish

DANIELLE'S PRISONER directed by Christian Pfleger
Reminded my of LA CAGE (1975), LA GABBIA (1985), COMBAT DE FAUVES (1997), SON DE MAR (2001) and BOY IN A BATHTUB (2006). Mediocre film of first time director Pfleger unfortunately mixes up consensual and criminal behaviour.

In DANIELLE'S PRISONER both characters are captured by each other: The polygamous man is kept and learns to concentrate on one woman; Danielle is obsessed by the romantic idea to live with her ex-lover and learns to get independent.

Michael Salewskis march through history provided the audience with interesting infos about powerful women in history and about the change of social roles. Lecture was introduced by FEMALE SUPREMACY a youtube-film by Veronica Vinyl remembering mighty ladies of the past. Closing shortfilm was PROPERTY OF THE QUEEN by Gudrun Herrbold about czech dominatrix-community The Other World Kingdom (OWK), a beautiful shot and provoking work about a femdom-utopia that already exists in fantasies and expensive DVDs.

Production company Club Stiletto is working in the area of female domination. They host several websites, Riding women is one of them. Here you can see clips of ladies riding on men.
Beautiful women on strong men that are called slaves and ordered around. Some more erotic, some less. Good!

Directed by Steve Arguilo

Company & website Exotic Tales focuses on the (humiliation by) feminisation.
This film is 78 minutes long and provides you with long scenes.
HAILEY MAKES THE BOY BRIDE has full titles (which are identically repeated after the film). The character's names are the first names of the actors Hailey Young, Louisa Lanewood and Benzo Blackwell.
Louisa will marry Benzo. She is a bi-sexual stripper, he is a christian and denies sex before marriage. Hailey is their catalyst. She questions Louisa's belief in marriage, says that with her past and character she isn't made for marriage and will sex with him be as good as with her - Hailey is in love and hot for Louisa. When Benzo celebrates his bachelor night he is confrontated with a stripper in police-uniform and he is too drunk to see that her name is Hailey. In a playful/forceful act he has to describe his deepest fantasies - "to be dressed in women's clothes and treated like a bitch". She slaps him unconscious, carries him to the bedroom and starts changing his clothes when Louisa comes in and - after a moment of confusion and argument - helps dressing him as a woman.
Exciting and provoking, but film has only 40% of the scenes pictured on the website!

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