Montag, 1. Dezember 2008

Black Friday

SNOWDOMINATION (internal screening)
Produced by russian company Young Goddess that has a focus on femdom with adult-ladies age 19 - 22 years. The women speak in russian language and there are subtitles in english. During filming they also do the photos which is acousticly disturbing.

Irina performs as the cruel dominatrix-lady who uses the naked man as a pony, she commands him, whips him. It's winter-time and this is an outdoor-scenario. If you have a heart, you feel uncomfortable in watching this. Does he want it that way? There is no statement, no negotiation, no dialogue at the beginning or the end. So this isn't complex, it's simple: just domme and slave.
But scenario has fascination because she is so bitchy and provocative.
Positive: This shortfilm from the web has a real title and actors' names mentioned before film starts.
Negative: webadress is always on top right on picture.
Maybe it's consensual (another website men in pain manages to always make clear at the end, that they both loved to act that way and that they still like each other), but this isn't sane.


Femdom clips that are exciting. Language german without english subtitles. Goddess Anja makes a strong impression. The submissive man makes everything she demands so you get (implicit) the impression that this is consensual wanted activity. The action ist soft and strict and good. Example for a new webculture.

Beautiful women vs. ugly men. Someone in the audience said, that this wasn't erotic and that the concept isn't convincing because the men are stronger. But hey, this is a dream!

German Mistress specialiced on doing professional riding-training for male subs aka ponies.
Technical standard is low, but fans get an authentic insight in the games ponyplayers do.


An impressive and provocative work of dark art.
Nearly without dialogue these extreme
session-scenes combined with a good score were outstanding.

A discovery - awarded as best picture of the year
@ Fetisch Film Festival

This MTV-inspired film shows how many kinky people meet each year at Toronto Fetish Weekend. BBAA2 may be called 'a documentary' but it's more an advertisement for a model and her crew who celebrate themselves.

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