Montag, 1. Dezember 2008

Day Ten

HEIM UND HERD (internal screening)
Musicvideo by german band Uebermutter
that provokes by pleasing the uniform-fetish.
This video is not new but fits to the festival because of rolereversal and powerexchange.
The mortal end demonstrates that femdom isn't sane.

Musicvideo by Greta Schmidt
The music is groovy, the Ladies are dominant. They are from famous studio Avalon in Berlin.
Femdom clip is ok.

Blonde German Dominatrix Syonera von Styx
uses her beauty and authority
in the relationship to her slave. Film has only one location and one camera.
From a distance we see how he worships and serves her, in return she punishes and humiliates him. This goes into a extreme direction which is not for the taste of everybody.

Musicvideo by Paolo Ferrarini. Art-film about the dreams and gay desires of a priest. Only in dreams people can move without the boundaries of gravity.

Complex art-film by Sebastiano Montresor and Luca Acito.
Inspired by novels of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Heritage of Cain, Venus in Furs) the audience dives into a deep studio where different people interact. It has something of theatre. The actors perform exzessively and explore the psychological abyss. A negative portrayal of SM and sort of a warning like THE PET and DANIELLE'S PRISONER. But no matter how you interprete this disturbing work of art, you will be impressed.

created by Matthew Saliba from Montreal, Canada.
The silent shortfilm with music starts with a vision of a cuckoldry-relationship that seems to be in harmony. Would be interesting to watch a whole film dedicated to cuckoldry in that way. But Saliba interrupts and starts with another couple that is visited by a young man (later a young woman is there too). The married pair doesn't seem to be really happy and is seeking fulfillment also with persons outside their longtime relationship. An independentfilm that has ideas and impressions for a long feature film.

Directed by Romulus, produced by ROMAN VIDEO. "Cuckold Fantasies" is a series that guarantess quality. Eleven DVDs were already released through the last years, some were nominated for AVN-Awards. HARMONY'S FIRST AFFAIR is the ninth edition.
Mistress Harmony knows what she wants and her submissive husband follows her. Harmony is wearing black lingerie (her handcuffed hubby shouldn't wear socks). This film demonstrates the psychology, the bizarre beauty and the masochistic joys of the cuckold-situation (which can be called real altruistic love).
Harmony enjoys the real body of Frank Towers. While he loves her physically, Freddy loves her emotionally - and she sends all her verbal humiliation to Freddy. This may seem unfriendly, but on another level this is the most friendly way to communicate with the submissive aspect of his personality.

Cuckoldry was already mentioned in Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel "Venus in Furs" (Wanda and the greek Man). Although without leather and whips this is about domination and true devotion. The film was chosen for the festival's competition because of the permanent verbal (and physical) S&M-aspect - by the the way there is also nudity, much nudity, all the time. This film leaves nothing for imagination, film shows openly everything and that's good.
In real life couples get in danger, if one partner seeks joy elsewhere: HARMONY'S FIRST AFFAIR is not hidden, she does it in front of husband's eyes and in the the end we get the impression, that this will go on with different lovers forever.

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