Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

Day One

Document about performance project by austrian artist Irene Andessner. This was the opening of the festival. Few people showed up. But that led to the advantages of small groups: communication is easier. Everyone expressed his thoughts about the shortfilms and about WANDA SM.
Irene Andessner is interested in impersonation of women: forgotten women or self confident women. WANDA SM started already in 2001 when she performed as Marlene Dietrich, one part of that project was shown in Kiel "Bondage" where several men try to bind a tie for her.
She is beautiful and cool, also in four part performance WANDA SM which took place 2003 in Graz. The first part "The contract" is the most intense. She added her own inspiration to Sacher-Masoch's "Venus in Furs"-situation. In opposition to Wanda von Sacher-Masoch the artist is really the dominant one. The other parts are of interest too, but are not as intense as the first part. It was very good to watch these scenes!

Although film was presented in original version without subtitles, which makes it difficult to reach the audience in Germany, here many people attended the screening. WALK ALL OVER ME is the only movie that has it's own posters in the entrance hall of the cinema (the producers other films didn't create posters).
Director and author Robert Cuffley sent a video-greeting from Canada which was very nice.
For him this is a low-budget-production - but production values are high, prooved by the excellent trailer. Movie is a comedy about erotic aspects and also about three gangsters.
Both female leads are beautiful to watch. The introduction, the first 30 minutes rise expectations. Until the gangsters appear (in a relaxed moment of femdom-play, these gangsters ruin the session and also the film). They are dangerous on the one hand but also stupid on the other. Film loses his direction. The erotic topic of discovering a new world (similar to "24/7 The Passion of Life") would have been a basis for a better film.
The audience had sympathies for WALK ALL OVER ME, but it's not a film that is considered to be really good. A plus: Film provides two femdom-couples with happy ends.

Dita von Teese right now is on the cover of Playboy and DARK SPY. She is en vogue. That's the reason why some people joined the late screening.
Before we could see the Queen of Glamour one scene of NYLON-LUDER starring Carmen Rivera was shown. The audience was amused.
HIGH ON HEELS is intended to give pleasure to the audience. No story, no dialogue, just footworship, just the celebration of beauty. To see these images on the big screen was delightful.
But I got the impression that many didn't like it. Screening ended after midnight and no one was in the mood for a discussion. Some said, that it was boring for them. Later a couple said that they really enjoyed the film. Tastes are different.

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