Sonntag, 23. November 2008

Day Four

First a shortfilm from France 1965 NOVICIAT
Filmed in black and white, has the rhythm and tone of a dream. Men, fascinated by female strength, go willingly/unwillingly into the 'spiderwoman's net'.
It's exciting to get to see this film, but even better on the big screen (and not just on a wall but in a cinema, a social room with a value and meaning, which gives the screening additional meaning - not easy to repeat!).

Then shortfilm AIRPORT. Director Manuela Kay is there and talks about lesbian porn, budget and how the shooting was. She is a tough person in the positive meaning.
AIRPORT has a long underground lesbian-leather-club scene. For my taste some scenes were too long. Media for a long time potrayed women to be warm-hearted, lovely and emotional - maybe this one was created in opposition to that and so it was overdone. Anyway, it's a pleasure to see a rarity.

MANO DESTRA. So fascinating on the big screen. Wow!

A documentary about professional dominatrixes in Auckland (New Zealand), also about a crossdressing domme and a master. Interviews and session scenes. They know what they do.
A good one.

Here are some visual impressions from the first two days of the festival:

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