Mittwoch, 26. November 2008

Welcome to the Fetish-Stream

To watch two bdsm-films per day
in a cinema together with friends and some people you don't know
and to talk about your impressions is a wonderful intense experience.

It's monday and three films are waiting

SADISTIC LADIES OF CRUELLA Vol.13 together with OWK is the leading femdom-producer in the world.
Convincing beautiful Women, excellent photos. Most films are very good, they show the confrontation of the sexes and there's no doubt who is in charge and who has to serve.
Is there still the vision in the background of each shortfilm of a world strictly ruled by women? Probably. This is not the caring sensitive domme, here are strict commanding women (with "no mercy").
May this still be called "consensual"? Not easy to answer. Consensual for the actors, that's clear. Consensual for the figures/"characters" (there are no full characters)? Roles are clear from the beginning and there is no sort of conversation (or negotiation-process). On the other hand there are no signs of disagreement from these men (they want it that way; or are they broken, mentally instable or blackmailed?). Maybe this unclear situation is a wanted provocation.
These films are impressive and unique.
But Volume 13? These are not highlights of Cruella. Why is the bedroom-domination of the sexy blonde with her lover on a leash on this DVD? Obviously these actors are from eastern europe and not from England. This is the softer caring loving domination, which is nice to watch - but this isn't typical Cruella-style. The latex-domme with her two naked slaves is more what you expect, this is ok. The last episode is the best, although ambivalent. Bad sound and an extra scene, that is interesting but ruins the 'bizarre beauty' of a reduced storyline (taking the slaves from the building, punishment, then leading them back - that would have been a simple but nice structure; ruined by an additional scene which comes immedeately showing trampling and "ashtray"-demands). Mistress Jo (May) is there which is always a guarantee of quality; but there's also dark-haired Lady, often spanking by standing legs apart wearing a skirt which makes her a Lady. There are exciting moments; but the spanking takes too long, again and again they hit (too) hard and don't seem to care about safety/sanity aspects; one sub was also in the second episode of this DVD; for the other man the pain is too much and as a viewer with human feelings you feel bad and ashamed that they didn't find an earlier point to stop the scene.
After the screening the audience discussed about this DVD. The beautiful bedroom-couple was "boring", there was a lack of tension; the second episode was called good; the third was too extreme, how did the men take so much pain? One woman said, there are some men who want and somehow enjoy real pain (maybe only afterwards).

A strange but interesting film. A thriller, a special S&M-film and a Film about the declaration/value of human rights. Much controversity in the following discussion.

The classic version of 1975 - great!

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